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Workplace Safety

At Harbour Town we want to ensure everyone who visits our centre, whether for shopping or work purposes, is safe.

Please note that for any works conducted within the centre, including any tenancy, the following is required:

Contractor is to be fully licenced and provide proof of this.

Contractor is to hold public liability insurance for no less than $20,000,000.00 AUD and supply a copy of their Certificate of Currency as proof that their policy is current.

For all contractors, other than sole traders, proof of WorkCover Registration must be provided.

For some works a Safe Work Methods Statement (SWMS) or JSA Jobs Safety Analysis (JSA) will be required. This will be requested at the landlord’s discretion once the scope/type of work is discussed.

Contractors are to undertake a quick site induction outlining the Centre’s emergency procedures and various safety

Procedures and rules that they will need to know regarding work on this site.  Or complete on line click here

Contractors MUST sign in at Centre Management or with Security if outside of Centre Hours, prior to works commencing and sign out on completion of works.


Any further queries, please contact 8355 1144 for email

Where to Find Us

The Tourism Lounge is located at the south west entry to the Centre and can also be located via the maps available throughout the Centre. A convenient taxi and tour bus drop off point is also located at the Tourism Lounge.

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Open tomorrow at 9.00am
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